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that nike is a hot brand. it's also one of oregon's biggest employers. and now the company is forcing the state's hand saying it wants a 40-year tax deal in exchange for bringing in new jobs or else. cnbc's own brian shactman joins us now with much more. good evening, brian. >> hi, larry. nike is the second biggest employer in the state of oregon. in fact, one of only two fortune 500 companies that have headquarters there. and basically they told the governor they want to expand and if they don't get tax certainty, they are going to be free agents and there are several states trying to poach them. the governor called a special session to pass legislation that says any company, nike, that spend $150 million in new investments over five years could get what they call single sales factor status. i want to explain it to people. that is taxing nike based on in-state sales, not just the combination of sales, real estate value and payroll taxes. it's an absolutely sweet deal for nike. whether it's 40 years or five years, it's going to be in between that range. but it shows you how important
weeks. not bad. david: wow, that is good run. oregon lawmakers making sure big companies like nike have a reason to stay in their state many years to come. coming up next, oregon state senator mark haas, whether this state made a tax deal for only one company. >>> should apple shareholders be happy to hear that ceo tim cook feels a responsibility to create jobs? should that be a bigger driver than increasing apple's share price? we'll have a big debate on that. log on to the let us know if job creation should be a major focus for all companies. ♪ . liz: if our recovery is all about jobs listen to story. the oregon state legislature passing a new tax deal in special session last friday in effort to keep footwear giant nike and other companies in the state for many years to come. david: state legislators say it is a big win for ore fon. joining us one of those legislators, oregon state legislature mark has. thanks for coming in. you know what critics are saying a lot of groups in oregon say like ore gone center for public responsibility. say it is black mafl.
. this is a clear winner when you talk about vince in people where, under armour is doing well because nike came out and nike reported strong sales, athletic apparel is hot and under armour is one of the beneficiaries of that. when you talk about nike, bring it close, up 6% so nike was a real winner and they talk about demand going forward topping estimates so obviously both nike and under armour, a great day on a day when we saw a lot of selling. dave: have a good weekend. republicans rejected john boehner's plan b, very little time left to save most of us for major tax hikes. liz: peter barnes on capitol hill with the latest on the fiscal battle and late breaking news in the 3:00, john boehner back to his district so now what? >> the speaker has left the building and according to one of his aides he headed back to ohio for the christmas holiday which sound like there aren't going to be any negotiations going on so right now up here on capitol hill a lot of fog and finger pointing about the fast forward. after the speaker pull his plan b proposal last night he had a press conference this morning an
b, in may you said nike would run to new highs instead it tripped and fell and it's down 53% since then. are you still a believer in nike? >> i am, it's rallied lately and made a nice move, the last few weeks. i love it for 2013. >> brenda: oka now to the best calls and toby, you're going to kick things off again. in august, said build up your profits with pulte group since then up 41%, time to buy me or takthe profit and run. >> it's going to be up another 20, 30%, i might sellalf and hold onto the rest. >> brenda: on to number two, jonas, back in march you said pour yourself profits with constellation brands and 54% gains since then. you still like that? >> i would sl that to cover your losses i zumiez. >> brenda: he did man up. and there for the number one call in 12, gary b, you have the worst and the best in january you said bank of america was ready to bank some serious profits. well, boy, you were right in percentage terms, it's 73% higher, cash out or buy some more. >> no, no, it's going to keep going higher. too big to fail, brenda, the nice thing about this. >> brenda: i
and nikes. >> jonny, nikes and jordans are expensive. >> i know. >> just for a name, that makes no sense. now you need a job. >> nike's not expensive. >> look, i've been buying josh shoes after shoes after shoes. i can't affo it. now what-- walmart? he gotta take walmart. what else can i do? at least his feet not dragging the ground. >> there were some jordan flip-flops in there for 30 bucks. now, that's a great deal. you cannot find no jordan flip-flops, the brand-new kind, for no 30 bucks. they're probably not real, but guess what? >> is that a great deal when i can go to walmart and buy my... the shoes i'm wearing i got from walmart for five dollars. >> i'm talking about name brand stuff. that's a good deal, mama. >> my sandals are nice, right? >> if you listen to it, it's a good deal. >> you want some of those, right? see, that's y i like yll when y'all small. they accept stuff. you getting too big. your feet growing. you in grown people's shoes now. (groans) please stop growing! (chuckles) >> we had more money in the shelter part than we had here, because now everything is all on ou
the man that helped to design those shoes while at nike is reaching out in to his own community to others get a jump on that same kind of career. here's cnn's george howell with dwayne edward's dream. >> this is a snapshot of some of the products i've designed over the course of my career. this is the air jordan 21. >> reporter: working at nike, dwayne edwards designed the signature sneaker line of superstar athletes. carmelo anthony. derek jeter. and his childhood idol, michael jordan. but after 11 years at nike, edwards walked away. >> the industry is close to $50 billion in the u.s. alone. and there's probably a good 3,000 to 4,000 footwear designers in the industry. but people of color underrepresented. >> reporter: so what you're delling telling me it's exposure. people knowing about the industry. and also, knowing where to go, how to maneuver your way in to positions like you had? >> oh, most definitely f. you're asked to do something, tough do it. >> reporter: that's when the father of two decided to pool resources, to open a footwear design school. >> i know we're at the malls pur
of the jerseys in. nike is manufacturing the nfl apparel. >> we have not been able to keep the smaller sizes in stock. >> move over, peyton manning tony romo, and brett favre. >> he is the not -- beating out peyton manning and all the other quarterbacks who are playing right now. >> i am asking for one, but i know my brother is getting one. >> still ahead, an american t.v. news crew was taken hostage in syria. what happened to them while they were in custody? >> after a sunny and mild day the reality of december is coming back in a hurry. >> richard ingle is safe to 9 after a harrowing five days in syria. he and his crew were kidnapped shortly after crossing into syria. he says the syrian loyalist psychological torture, threatening several times to kill them. they were freed after the captors were killed in a firefight at a rebel checkpoint. >> the last five days are days that we would rather forget. >> he believes his captors wanted to trade his crew for iranian and lebanese prisoners held by rebel forces. >> the queen made attending a cabinet meeting. the move raised some eyebrows. the que
. and athletic shoemaker nike bringing in $1.14 per share expectations. nike up in the session, and up in after-hours trading as well, the market up again, 10 year treasury yield of 1.80%. existing home sales up almost 6% last month at a seasonally adjusted rate just over 5 million, that is the highest level since november 2009 when buyers were rushing to close deals in order to benefit from a federal tax credit. remember those days? november sales up more than 14% from a year ago. joining us now, richard smith. first i say welcome to you, richard. good to see you. i have good knowledge to the audience i do own stock and make that very clear, this does not happen very often, but it does, full disclosure. the market, is this rebound in housing for real? >> looking at the report today, coming to some conclusion after this is the beginning, they would have to back up because today is irrelevanirrelevan t to that regard. backup the third or fourth quarter of last year we were forecast in the early stages of a recovery. it had to see the root of the recovery, and they were clearly there. a couple of
, the stock added another 7%, trading over $15 per share. another stock to watch tomorrow will be nike. after closing the regular session up 1.3%, they rallied another 5% to over $100 in after-hours action. quarterly earnings were stronger than expected with a double- digit sales increase for its nike brand in north america. google is selling its tv set-top cable box business to arris group. google inherited the business when it bought motorola mobility. google will get $2.4 billion in cash and stock. shares moved only a fraction. arris group jumped to a new 52 week high, up 3.6%. meantime, it is no deal for all- scripts health care solutions. the hospital services firm decided against selling itself, and instead named a board member as its new chief executive. shares fell 14.4% on very heavy volume as it now goes it alone. four of the five most actively traded exchange traded products ended higher, led by the financial sector fund. the nasdaq 100 tracking fund was unchanged. and that's tonight's "market focus." >> susie: 'tis the season to shop till you drop. retailers hope the stores will b
of things we haven't mentioned at this point. whether it be nike, walgreens, where do you want to start? >> walgreens, david. people think of drugstores as recession resistant. i think the whole dialogue is who's recession resistant because of the fiscal cliff. this is a company that is so confusing, because the numbers look good, but numbers did not look good, but there's a deal that walgreens is doing. >> the alliance boot deal that occurred earlier this year. a complicated deal in its own right, buying some of it now, some of it later. let me just take a look at this, they're taking 13 cents was the so-called miss here. but 7 of 10 of that is from the timing of the alliance boots, and the dilution from it. there are accounting issues in a sense how they went about dealing with that dilution. >> they close this deal, but walgreens and cvs are taking share. they've really changed their stores. much more food, much more going for a broader move like target and walmart did. a lot of supermarkets are being hurt by this. and this is really important. express grifs wan an outfit that had a
? everyone feasting off of hewlett-packard's consulting business. >> a busy night for earnings, r.i.m., nike, "journal" this morning talking about nike -- easy to forget wasn't that long ago, nike seemed immortal, seem they had could do no long. that changed in a hurry. worries about r.i.m., consensus is a loss of 35 cents. everything pipped, jim to this blackberry ten. >> one product, i think they have done a lot of rationalizing on the cost side. nike went from being this terrific chime story with north america not doing that well to suddenly, an inventory glut of shoes with china, maybe north america can make up with it. nike remains a great growth company, a lot of cash, good dividend. i think if it gets hit, unless they can -- remember, china is coming back. so, theoretically, that's what the stock market upped the most since august 2010, it comes back, then nike represents great value. >>> when we come back this morning, a lot more on that deal of the day intercontinental exchange buying the nyse parent, nyse euro next, a live interview with the ceos of both of those companies. meantim
out smoking. rookie harrison barnes right out of his nikes. golden state up early. game high 27. but curry is king. 22 points. 10 assists. four straight games with at least 10 assists. warriors win. >>> jim harbaugh has decided to stick with colin kaepernick. it was this fumble that was so decisive. i'm guessing that play will not get called again. >>> rams head coach thought the play call was questionable. it's still tucking at jim harbaugh. here's the top five. >> i don't know what they were trying to accomplish there. you learn from it. feels like somebody took the reached into your chest and stomach and started pulling the innards out. >> number four kobe bryant joined to score 30,000 points. >>> number three. showing moves that ought to be illegal. jordan for the alley-oop. clips meet the mavs. >>> i wonder if rajon rondo moon nights as a magician. celtics win with an impossible move like that. >>> cubs manager went on a quail hunting trip with hall of famer and had a dick cheney moment. >> all of a sudden the shotgun goes off and i take a pellet in my ear. i got to take th
face during a scuffle over the new nike air jordans. police took a man into custody for hitting the guard. a ravel system implemented to try to control the demand for the new shoes. the sneakers retailed for $185. resellers offering them as much as $820 on ebay. >> wow. >> we want to share a wonderful story how people in the south bayo)shed change a child's life and smile n this season of giving abc 7 news on the very special gift for a 14-year-old boy. >> unlike some patients air, 14-year-old is actually excited about go together dentist. and especially about this appointment. >> i woke up early today. so i was up around 5:00. and stayed uch, since. >> the 8th grader is anxious to get braces off. almost as anxious to get them on. >> i had a thing that people would make fun of me because of my teeth. and how i looked. >> the family has no insurance, so doctor randy lye teamed up to provide the dental care for free. his overbite so pronounced it was hard to close hipz lipz together. two mole yarz needed to be removed. >> we had an oral surgeon extract those and close up spaces. n
analysts, then sold off on word of declining blackberry sales in the u.s. nike stock jumped 6% higher after exceeding earnings expectations and revealing orders were up 6% in the quarter. now on to the market, which also gained ground yesterday on optimism a budget deal will emerge out of washington. meanwhile, the sleepless in america are creating a boost in business. consumers spending on treatments for insomnia shot up from $24 billion 4 years ago to $32 billion now. fortunately, it's a bumper year for the coffee crop in brazil. the country is harvesting its biggest coffee crop ever. and peter madoff is sentenced to the max of 10 years in prison for helping his brother bernie in their infamous ponzi scheme. scott bauer of trading advantage joins us on this friday morning for a closer look at the markets. good morning to you. we had a nice santa claus rally going on here. do you think that this fiscal talk is just going to kill it? > > no, it doesn't look like it. the trend over the last few days is, we have seen the market up, but we have seen it really kind of accelerate toward the end
and nike. a record at the weekend box office. the hobbit an unexpected journey earned nearly $85 million nationwide. the biggest december opening of all-time. >>> now, for another look at the weather here's nbc meteorologist dylan dreyer. i can't remember the last time i have seen a movie. >> i have seen skyfall, the last movie that i have been to, it's hard to find time to get back to the movies. hard to believe that we're in december and not really seeing a whole lot of cold air across the east coast, temperatures are starting off the day in the 40s and 50s. everything falling on the east coast is in the form of rain. the cold air is locked back in the montana into minneapolis, denver, where we're seeing temperatures in the 20s. minneapolis will top at in the mid-20s this afternoon. you can see the rain across the eastern seaboard. today, it's going to be light and showery. off and on rain. some light icing in central massachusetts. tomorrow, a secondary area of low pressure is going to move in to the northeast and bring another round of heavy rain with temperatures in the low to mid-5
only just and the profit, it was down. at nike sales grew however and that stock is down just a fraction, that's it. now we're down-- i'm sorry, 90 was up. and the dow jones average was up 110 now and not the 200 we expected by the way. christmas has become a commercial holiday, and now hanukkah, is it just turning into eight nights of presents, commerciallized as well? we'll ask a jewish mother why. ♪ >> this is an odd juxtaposition, a song and winston churchill talking about socialism, the philosophy of failure, the creed of ignorance, and the gospel of envy it's inherent virtue is the equal sharing of misery. not sure that's appropriate music, but there we go. [ male announcer ] how do you tra? with scottrader streaming quotes, any way you want. fully customize it for your trading process -- from thought to trade, on every screen. and all in real time. which makes it just like having yr own trading floor, right at your fingertips. [ rodger ] at scottrade, seven dollar trades are just the start. try our easy-to-use scottrader streaming quotes. it's another reason more inv
gone to great lengths to please nike. the governor asking for authority to ensure that the corporate tax structure will not change for companies like nike nike threatening to move its headquarters out of state unless organ can guarantee it tax structure will not change. students are not the only ones with college debt. in effort to appeal, they end up footing the bill for all of this. according to moody's, debt among colleges was $205 billion outstanding. also reporting harvard has the most debt of any private school in the nation. you may be disappointed, guys, by the gift your significant other fires you for christmas. dirty 1% of women planning to spend less this year than last. only 19% of men pulled will spend less. it finds the looming fiscal cliff deal weighing on shoppers minds. here is our conversation, part of which i posted on twitter. men have to spend more money on women to shut them up. connell: there is not enough money in the world. [ laughter ] dagen: to not laugh at him. do not encourage him. connell: let's keep going. dagen: really? we have to move on. oh, lord, ha
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are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! they're so awesome! nike! wow! yeahhhh! thank you! who's your mommy now? it's a christmas miracle. give victoriously. famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. [ female announcer ] imagine skin so healthy, it never gets dry again. can your moisturizer do that? [ female announcer ] dermatologist recommended aveeno has an oat formula, now proven to build a moisture reserve, so skin can replenish itself. that's healthy skin for life. only from aveeno. >>> the mass murder in newtown, connecticut, is by no means an isolated incident. sadly it's a footnote in a can nation that was once thought of as safe school. >>> friday morning, the shooting shocked the newtown, connecticut, community and the nation. they may be the youngest victims of a school shooting but sadly they are far from the first. in the late 1990s school shootings became all too common. in towns like west paducah, kentucky jonesboro, arkansas and springfield, oregon. by april 1999 after the massacre at columbine high school in littleto
giving him the 2%. anyway, coming up, volatility, the fed and the impact on the dollar. plus, nike wants oregon to go the extra mile. i wish i could talk to the governor and say i don't like these taxes. can you change them for me? mikey is big enough to do that. >>> brian shactman will tell us why it could mean thousands of jobs. and a santa to boot! [ chuckles ] right, baby. oh, sir. that is a customer. oh...sorry about that. [ male announcer ] break from the holiday stress. fedex office. how they'll live tomorrow. for more than 116 years, ameriprise financial has worked for their clients' futures. helping millions of americans retire on their terms. when they want. where they want. doing what they want. ameriprise. the strength of a leader in retirement planning. the heart of 10,000 advisors working with you one-to-one. together for your future. ♪ if you're a man with low testosterone, you should know that axiron is here. the only underarm treatment for low t. that's right, the one you apply to the underarm. axiron is not for use in women or anyone younger than 18. axiron can transf
, officers doused shopper was pepper spray. two people were treated for injuries at the scene. the $185 nikes went on sale today, spur long lines. the crowd began gathering at 5:00 a.m. tree three hours before it opened. we have more of the same in the east bai. a security guard punched in the face during a scuffle. this video from newark sent to us via you reports showing a large crowd rushing through the door of the mall this mor morning. police took a man into custody for hitting the guard cure during that frenzy. a ravel system was implemented to try to control the shoppers hoping to get the sneaker autos got here about 4:00 a.m. only interested in getting two pair of shoes. i think someone should be held accountable. nike sends out 20, 30 pairs of shoes when there is going to be 100 to 200 people. seems like they're trying to initiate difficulties. >> resellers offering the retro 11 sneakers for as much as $820 on ebay. it's amazing here, michael for a decade. the brand is strong as ever. >> htc wants to challenge the ipad. and a sobering day for research in motion. >> hi, john. >> hey t
the bell the second numbers come out. we'll have them, and, oh, yes, nike as well. don't miss nike. supposed to be a hot seller, but the wii console caused a problem for a game maker. they had thousands and thousands of preorders ton this. >> i'm sitting with my friends, chatting about game stock, and he can't comment on it because he's trading on it, but it's down 5.5% right now for game stock, not ad good move there, under pressure, and that's because we have the analysts talking over, and they cut revenue estimates for game stop based on what they see from nintendo, the wii u, and i know kids with that on their holiday list, but it's not all it's cracked up to be, and they will not see the sales from the wii u they hoped. the technical details of the system were disappointing so with that great review, not so great after all, that's why you see the pull back in game stop. liz: a nice performance over the year, i will say that for game stop. >> right, yeah. liz: thank you very much. so much of that is the supermario stuff my kid has to have. what is with that? okay. a fund manage
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know who we are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! who's your mommy now? famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. with y adlines. >> your realtime captioner: linda marie macdonald >>> good morning, everyone. it's 7:56. i'm michelle griego with your cbs 5 news headlines. >>> a san francisco police sergeant is under investigation over a video he posted online. the video was shot inside a car speeding through the broadway tunnel. on facebook, the sergeant said he was in the car and that everyone was drunk. he now says the comment was a joke. >>> and the so-called king tides are expected to peak today. more than 7-foot waves are expected near the golden gate bridge,even larger tides rolling into the north bay and peninsula around 11 a.m. >>> and lawrence will have more on that coming up in weather, plus a look at the morning commute right after the break. ,,,,,,,, >>> metering lights are still on at the bay bridge toll plaza backed up ou to the maze. an accident on 880 at the fremont truck scales slow-and- go at the scene. north 880 accident stalled vehicle st
. reports say the international connegligent exchange is in talk toes buy nike for about $8 billion. >>> and the newly elected south korean president vows tough love on north korea and territorial claims. >>> european markets, pretty mixed this morning and not much movement overall. the other bourses plat. the bond space, similar story. we're seeing yields consistent with where we were yesterday. that gilt in the uk, keeping an eye on it, it is falling a little bit. 1.95% after a soft set of uk retail sales figures. spain, italy, moving higher, but not too much of a move there. 5.3%. and 4.4 for italy. now, forex rates, the euro/dollar and the yen has been in focus still in the last several trading sessions and that continues today. 1.3230 is the level. the yen, though, is giving back about .5% after the bank of japan's quantitative easing plans, pretty much flecting a buy the rumor, sell the fact move. now, house republicans plan to bring their tax bill to a floor vote today. this as tensions over the white house over the fiscal cliff have started to rise. it's unclear what the bil
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. nike wants to expand in oregon, but one big condition. oregon's governor: a special session of the state legislature to fast-track a process for nike if they invest 150 million in new facilities the state will agree not to change oregon's tax code. nike headquartered outside of portland in the land o -- the linn, oregon. and paying for free cell phones for homeless and poor people. they will get free phones and free service to keep in touch with family and also potential employers. this coming from a federal funded program. the plan expected to actually get the green light. that is your "west coast minute." denis. dennis: what if they gave the electioelection almost nobody v? we will tell you about facebook users. cheryl: trimming the fat from the military literally. why obese soldiers are being booted from the army. that is ahead. dennis: first, take a look at the winners over on the nasdaq. dennis: time for your media minute. facebook asked 1 million members to vote a policy change. whether they should so have the right to vote on other policy changes. look at how many mem
's swoosh. nike reports. few stocks have become more controversial than this one. here's a company that was doing fabulously in china and making up for all sorts of north american weakness. that had been the theme for a couple of years. now it's just the opposite. people are concerned about the inventory building in china putting a lid on the stock. now, i am looking for a lid to be blown off by a turn in china eventual l. maybe not this quarter. while the u.s., i think, is strong because of foot locker, but some analyst came out today and said u.s. is even weak. remember, nike trades on futures orders, not on earnings. so if you're dumb enough to want to trade in after hours, be aware, you might be trading on the wrong number. friday. these are big brand names. what a big week next week. friday we get results from walgreen's. i feel badly for wag. we just heard from cvs yesterday which boosted its numbers. that's a tough comparison to go against. i don't know how walgreen's can keep up. i will say this, though, the drug stores have been in secular share take mode from other stores
. nike earnings out. let's get to brian schactman for that. >> really interesting, beat on eps, 1.14 compared to $1. straight even on revenue. a few things inside the number. the stock is actually trading sharply to the upside. margins decrease a little bit and inventories rise, and you think it would be a recipe for some negatives and i want to point out two things in particular. north american business in terms of revenue up 17%. that is a huge number. the only negative region in the entire world for them is china. getting crushed a little bit on a peril, but i think the north american strength, when you look at the global growth where it is, it's in north america right now, and you take a look at the eps beat, that's what investors are looking at. >> thank you very much. brian schaktman, we'll watch nike. back to our interview with outgoing republican governor mitch daniels of indiana. good to have you. thanks so much for joining us. >> yes, ma'am. >> we were talking about the possibility of a deal in washington. what's your take in terms of how this plays out. you think we get
of the dispatch space. and red hat and an acquisition in the cloud space, nike rising on its second quarter result. to the down side this week, electronic arts and gamestop, both declining on concerns that there will be more scrutiny on violent video games in the coming weeks and months. micron lower after a wider than expected loss on the quarter. weaker demand and falling prices for d-ram, the final issue there. finishing in the work earlier in the week that the company hired a merchandising ex action from below. >>> up next, find out who the winners and losers are. and then, in case you missed my interview with democratic senator ben carden yesterday, what are you going to give on, senator? to get this done? >> well, we want to balance the pros. >> we know you -- everybody is saying that over and over again. why don't you explain to our audience what that means, sir. >> first, we've agreed to $1 trillion of domestic spending cuts. that's already been done. >> that's done. we're talking about the here and now, not what's done. >> he wouldn't tell us how he plans to get a deal done. coming up, we
this story before from nike, mcdonald's, tiffany's recently. how serious is this consumer slow-down in china? >> well, susie, it hasn't been too bad quite yet. it's very clear for the past year and a half, really, the chinese economy has been slowing pretty drastically when you consider that we're talking about an economy growing at 10% a year just four years ago. the financial crisis has had a really-- a very noteworthy impact on the economy. growth there is clearly slowing, but that hasn't really bled into he consumer demand picture qui as much yet. so far, where we've seen the slow-down is on the investment side and export side, less than on the consumer demand story. we're starting to see that happen just now. >> susie: let's talk a little bit on the consumer side. we know that american brands, popular brands, are popular with the up-and-coming chinese consumer. is this do you think a short-term phenomenon, or do you think that chinese consumers are now turning more to chinese-made goods? you go to china a lot. what's your sense on this? >> it possible, but i don't think it's going to ha
worked as a designer for nike. and now he's giving others a chance to do the exact same thing. cnn's george howell has more. ♪ >> reporter: this is a snapshot of some of the products i've designed over the course of my career. this is the air jordan 21. working at nike, dwayne edwards designed the signature sneaker lines of superstar athletes. carmelo anthony, derek jeter, and his childhood idol, michael jordan. but after 11 years at nike, edwards walked away. >> the industry is close to a $50 billion industry in the u.s. alone. and there is probably a good 3,000 to 4,000 footwear designers in this industry. but people of color are underrepresented. >> reporter: so what you'recome exposure, people knowing about the industry, and also knowing where to go, how to maneuver your way into positions like you had. >> most definitely. if you're asked to do something, you have to do it. >> reporter: that's when this father of two decided to puool his own resources to open a footwear design school. >> i know we're at the mall purchasing a product, we have to be designing the product as wel
.. el reloj deportivo de nike es un excelente regalo.. este viene con "gps" incluido y le permite llevar el registro en su computadora.. --las tabletas.. sin duda se venderan como pan caliente durante estas temporadas..lo bueno es que hay muchos de donde escoger.. kindle de amazon .. google nexus y el popular mini ipad..estos tres sin duda batallaran por ocupar un puesto en su hogar --un poco mas pequeÑos pero igual de potentes.. estan los telefonos inteligentes.. el samsung galaxy, el iphone 5 y los telefonos de windows ya estan en las litas de santa.. --- otro excelente regalo..son los telefonos de emeregencia .. estos funcionan venden por 60 dolares.. la ventaja es que le permite llamar a 911 . --finalmente el favorito de los niÑos .. el wii u de nintendo.. dificil de encontrar en las tiendas.. pero quizas tenga mejor suerte en linea.. -tecnologia en todos los tamanos y colores.. pero que de seguro atraparan mas de una sonrisa en estas navidades.. les informo gabriela dellan con tecnologia a la mano. blanca ---vamos a la pausa comercial en noticiero telemundo 48 pero a continua
'll never know who we are, or what... no way, madden girls?? nike! who's your mommy now? famous brands. famously easy. famous footwear. victory is yours. >>> look at this. a beloved family pet is back on solid ground of this daring rescue in colorado. an officer slid across a partially-frozen pond to safe this jack russell terrier named jonah. jonah had chased some ducks on to the pond and suddenly found himself on thin ice. thanks to the officer, he was reunited with his grateful owners uninjured. >> wow. >>> now, for a look at your morning road conditions. snow-covered mountain passes in the northwest. also, rain soaks highways around san francisco and sacramento. also, slick from seattle to helena. then, roads will be wet, at times, from d.c. down to the gulf coast. >> if you are flying today, weather-related airport delays are possible in san francisco and new orleans. >>> and turning back to the news, now. police here in new york do have a suspect in custody, now, in a subway pushing death that is getting attention around the country. >> investigators say the man they're questioni
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